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on feeling warm


my phone's audio transcription:

Hi OK so this is going to be very dangerous anyway I am slightly intoxicated but it may be very hard to follow for you but definitely the sides are going to be so cohesive and natural to me because I like this right now I am and also I'm going to P at the same time so sorry we're on that level right now random stranger who's listening to this audio information OK so it's honestly so amusing I mean it really does make me cry a little bit I look across the dance floor and I see this amazing amazing glare like horribly and like visually on my face I'm like wow and I'm crying I'm crying like love so amazing I'm literally about to tear up ok so I just the look on peoples faces when they're just like so in lust lust not love lust with a person across the dance floor how amazing is that to pitch eyes of someone you say that you define mutually attractive which is so hard let me just tell you like we all know it is so hard to look across ok it's for and find someone mutually track it like are you kidding me but that's so difficult and if you think that's easy go fuck yourself I mean not totally but basically you need to check him out amazing really this whole time so I basically just made a note in my phone that is called drunk and the e in love drunk and in love because it's so absurd like oh my God I mean the downside of the whole thing is I am I'm crying partially because wow I don't think I'm ever going to experience that that is just wild to me and I think a lot of it is because I cut my hair and I totally attach longhair to beauty I mean that's a mean I think that's partially my issue but you know I'm definitely sad about it but how are you I was tearing up for sure because it was just so beautiful but also is just as watching my friends like all of my friends glare into there's others i was in just like I was watching two people just I don't even know if I'm there or in love like I don't think they're there yet but it was just that mutual appreciation of one doing something and just do you smiling because that act is so beautiful to you you're just like that the pics things that I love in that person like that I find so important and amazing and third is shining and it's I I don't I didn't see that for myself like that I don't look at someone and I was like oh my god it's beautiful just like looked at my friends and that's so beautiful all of that all of that action auto Museum watching someone experienced that real time so nice and I think I think love is making sure your friends are home safe I think how cliché and stupid that is like it's just like the text like let me know when you're home all my God it's just so underrated and we care how many times we will do it tell your friends you love them and tell and ask your friends if they are home and they are home safe and just make sure they're OK and make sure with their relationships they can look across the dance floor and smile at someone doing a slow dance are looking at you for doing anything that makes you laugh and feel warm because that is so rare and it was so beautiful and those are the moments that we should cherish and I did this all from my toilet I love every everything that happened and will look and buy some of the other things but I am in love with those moments that you should now


released October 20, 2019


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brttnysmth Albany, New York

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